Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kid Safe-Camp Fire: How To

Nothing says summer like roasting marshmallows over a campfire! So to celebrate the last day of school, I brought the (Kid Safe) camp fire to to the classroom! The kids had fun roasting marshmallows over the fake camp fire and then they enjoyed S'mores and had a watermelon seed spitting contest! Yes, there are still watermelons with seeds in this world! Whodathought?

Check out my easy "How To" for the Kid-Safe Camp Fire, so you can build your own!

What You'll Need:
• (2) Paper Towel Rolls
• (1) Paint Stick
• Download the Flames and Logs Templates
• Craft paper (or a small brown paper bag)
• Scissors or Exacto Knife
• Double-stick Tape or Glue

STEP 1: Cut the Paint Stick in half. (You can toss the other half.)
STEP 2: Download and cut out the Flames template I provided and adhere them to both sides of the paint stick leaving a 2" tip.
STEP 3: Wrap the Paper Towel rolls with the Log template and trim the edges as necessary. Adhere with glue or double-stick tape. Cut a rectangle in the middle of one so that the other PT roll fits snuggly inside. Then cut a small slit in the second PT roll. Crumple up some craft paper and stuff it in each end of the logs.

Put it together and viola! A Kid Safe Camp Fire!


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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

House Mixed Media Piece — A Downtown Cottage

Just wrapped this painting up and delivered it to a customer:)
"Downtown Cottage"
11x14 Mixed Media Canvas


Materials used:
• Old book pages for the house 
• Canvas cut into shingles for the roof
• Paper pulp for the shrubs
• Chipboard trim and columns
• Masking tape background
• Molding paste greenery
• Fabric windows
• Acrylic paint


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