Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lego Star Wars Comic Book with a Chocolate Twist!

A customer who purchased my Lego Star Wars Comic Book Invite asked if I could somehow incorporate chocolate Lego candy into the invite. So I did...
Made me chuckle.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

XBOX 360 Birthday — a Smashing Success!

Well, it took me three years to get back on the big birthday bandwagon, but I did it. The last party I threw for my son Wesley was a "Mad Science" party when he turned 7. It was quite a success, if I do say so myself. Although, as I recall, none of the experiments I performed actually worked. In fact, one of the kids at the party raised his hand and asked, "Are any of these experiments going to work?" Ok, so I'm no scientist, but it was still a pretty cool party:) So now, three years later, my boy is turning the big 1-0 and I hopped on the band wagon, errr...Game Truck... to celebrate.
Wes had a hard time narrowing down his party theme, but finally settled on an XBOX Party. You can see the invites I designed here. And let me tell you, those invites got all the boys really excited to come to Wes' party! I kept the GAME TRUCK a surprise, telling him I would set up some XBOX stations throughout the house for him and his friends to play.
A GREAT KICK_OFF TO SPRING BREAK:After school on Thursday, GAME TRUCK rolled up in front of our house and all the boys were ecstatic! It was a pretty easy party to prepare. I had some chips and bottled water for the kids. We ordered pizza. Had cake and then the kids ran around the yard with their NERF guns. It was a great party!

I made a got a 3'x5' banner made of the front of Wesley's invite and used it as the backdrop. This banner now hangs in the boys' playroom.
I gave a local bakery a picture of the XBOX logo and asked them to recreate it. Those are sparkler candles on top.
NERF Wars!
I think Wesley's 10th birthday is one he's always going to remember!
Love you Wesley!

Sharing this party with my friends at the DIY Showoff

Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Unparalleled Birthday Adventure!

Ok, so I'm totally behind planning my soon to be 10 year old's birthday party. His birthday is a week and a half away. But it's not all my fault! He kept changing his mind as to what he wanted to do. First it was a Secret Agent Party, then specifically—Sherlock Holmes. Then a Nerf Wars Party. I tried, and failed, to convince him to have a water slide party. FINALLY, he settled on a Video Game/Nerf Wars/Trampoline/Pizza Party. How's that for simplicity?

THE BIG SURPRISE: What he doesn't know is that I booked GAME TRUCK for his party. Dude! I AM TOTALLY STOKED! (Can Moms say that?) A Game Truck trailer is going to pull up in front of our house at 3:30 sharp next Thursday after school. And 16-20 of Wesley's closest friends will be invited to pile into the truck and play video games for two whole hours! Game Truck provides a Gaming Host who will manage all the kids while they play, so I don't have to. Woohoo! And I even got a discount for booking the party on a week day!
After two hours of video games, they'll be ushered out of the truck for pizza, cake, Nerf Wars and a little bit of Trampoline time. And at 6:30pm— GAME OVER PEOPLE!

Oh, I'm a genius!

Of course, these invites are for sale in my shop HERE so you can be a genius too.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My latest little creation for a sweet first birthday celebration!

What makes this Birthday Invitation so adorable is the picture of the sweet little baby girl turning one! 
These custom invites are for sale in my shop! Birthday Bunting and Thank You Cards are on the way!


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