Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mixed Media Painting — Monticello

12" x 12" Mixed Media Acrylic Canvas

Just finished this commission of Thomas Jefferson's home. I understand it will be a gift for a teacher. The names at the bottom of the painting are all the names of the students in the teacher's class. They all went on a field trip to D.C. together this Fall. A creative way to remember a trip!

The Real Monticello

Thomas Jefferson, our third president (1801-1809) is on the two-dollar bill. My grandfather used to give all of the grandkids $2 bills and told us to always keep one in your wallet. We treasured them like gold. A few years ago, I gave one to my son and now he carries it in his wallet too:)

 Here are a few iPhone shots of my process. I started with book pages (above). 
Then I added dimension with wood and chipboard on the trim of the building. 

The shrubs were made with paper-pulp and a few buttons. I used molding paste for the columns and some of the trim as well.

I've been to Monticello a few times over the years. Painting this old house makes me want to go see it again:)


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