Sunday, October 2, 2011

Addie's Fairy Birthday Party!

I recently helped my friend Carolyn put together a sweet little Fairy birthday party for her daughter Addie, who was turning eight. Carolyn wanted to keep the party simple, inexpensive and very handmade— which I love! She gathered all the materials to make these adorable little fairies for each of the party guests. And we had plenty of materials left over to make some other fun things for the girls!

 We made these precious veils for each of the girls to wear.
 The big event was a scavenger hunt to find their Fairies. 
 You'll notice that the girls are in their bathing suits. It was a Fairy Pool Party. This is Florida, you know. We'll be in the pool until Christmas!
The girls were split into three teams and each were given clues along the way to finding their fairies.
They found feathers...

...and wands...
...and lots of other fun things!

The final clue led the girls to their sweet Fairies 
and everyone lived happily ever after.
The End!

I'm sharing this party with my friends at


  1. Oh, sweeter than sweet!!! Love the shots of the girls in their fairy crowns and bathing suits, and the one of the girl running. Such an expression on her face!

  2. How gorgeous! I love everything about it and I can't think of anything better than a fairy pool party. Lovely to see everything handmade too.



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