Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Mixed Media Downtown Bungalow

I finished this bungalow just before leaving for North Carolina for the holidays. It was for a friend, so I didn't want to post it and ruin the surprise. 

"Downtown Bungalow"
12x12 Mixed Media Canvas

Yeah, that's a Gator flag on the house. And no, I did not include it in the painting! If you look closely at the painting for a few minutes, you start to see the Seminole Marching Band coming through the painting...  Just kiddn'. 
This time I used a lot more wood and chip board to add dimension. Also used paper pulp, molding paste, Chinese papers, fabric and my signature button.
I've always painted on a small scale, but this is the year I'm going BIG! Like 3'x5' and bigger! Wish me luck!


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