Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday in my "ewe"niverse"— Rose buds

Hello and happy Tuesday! Yesterday (Monday—and actually Sunday night too) I made these sweet little rose buds.  My inspiration was our honeymoon eleven years ago. I saw these adorable handmade flowers at a little shop when we were walking around Portofino and I've wanted to make them ever since. Just like the picture, with dozens of colorful rose buds billowing over the sides of the pot. I just love 'em! Well, I've gotten 12 done, 88 left to make. Hopefully, it won't take me another eleven years to finish.

My rose buds were made with polkadot fabric and natural linen. I embroidered the little dots and x's.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday in my "ewe"niverse"— Our Wake-up Song.

Yesterday (Monday) was the first day back to school and to continue with our tradition from last year, I turned on "The Red, Red, Robin" song to wake the boys up in the morning. It always seems to get them up with a smile.

Click Here t Listen to the Red, Red Robin Song.

BTW, another blog I love is my friend Jamie's over at Lyrical Journey where she is creating the soundtrack of her life, travels and memories. Check it out! I've picked up some great songs from her.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Atta boy Wes!

It all came down to this. Spicy Doritos and a cool uniform.

We got a call late this summer that there was an opening on the tackle football team for Wes' age group, but he would have to loose 5 pounds before the first game to make the team. (I know that sounds cruel making kids lose weight to be able to play, but I understand the logic. They don't want the big kids pounding the little ones.) So the last three weeks of summer were spent at the football field practicing every afternoon from 5-7pm. Wesley happily cut out ice cream and his favorite pasta to get into shape.

So Saturday was his first game and it was a nail biter waiting to find out if he made the weight requirement. And he did it!! Woohoo! We were so proud! We didn't even care that he sat on the bench for most of the game. Two of the three times he went in (Defensive Line) the other team made touchdowns. But who cares! He made the team!
I asked him if he enjoyed the game, thinking he might be disappointed that he didn't get to play much and he said, "If they give out Spicy Doritos after every game, I love it!" Best of all, I don't even have to wash his uniform because it didn't get dirty!

We're so proud of "ewe" Wes. Go Braves!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Time on the Clock

"Ewe" need it. I need it. We all need it. Just a couple of extra hours in the day to get those last few things done on our "To Do" list, so we can start with a clean slate the next day. So we have more time to play. More time to relax. More time to sleep!

As you already know from my recent posts, school starts next week. I've got bags and bags of school supplies that need to be organized, several loads of laundry to be folded, dogs to be walked, kids that need to be fed and entertained, football uniforms to be washed, and school volunteer tasks to be completed. Oh, and I need to get to the gym at some point. There's tons of other stuff I should be doing, but I'm just blocking it out.

I've found that when I get overwhelmed with the day-to-day stuff that needs to get done, I crave more creative time. My latest escape is a delightful e-course I'm taking with Marisa Haedike and Creative Thursday called "Commit to your Creativity". (Like I have time for that.) So the assignment for this week was to step outside my box and create something in 3D using natural and/or found materials to build a piece. (side note: I learned about this assignment on Tuesday night around midnight-ish while checking in on the blogs I follow.) Exhausted from a long day with the kids (Chandler, incidentally, is out of town for the second week on a row), I laid in bed thinking about what I could do for this assignment. I knew I didn't have a lot of time this week to devote to my creative side and I wished I had more time... More time... That was it! So last night, I created this.

Wouldn't it be great if we had a couple of extra hours in the day?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday in my "ewe"niverse— School Mode

"Welcome Back"
Beeswax collage 
9"x12" Canvas

Happy Monday! I know, I know. I'm totally in school mode right now. It's the last week before school starts for the kids and I'm on the Bulletin Board Decorating Committee. Woohoo! So while I was working on decorations last night, I pulled out my old Claudine Hellmuth "Beeswax Collage" video and thought I'd try experimenting with beeswax again. This piece is made using tissue paper, some scrapbook paper, material, ribbon and cheap (crappy) oil pastels. I need to get myself some of those Shiva Oil Paint Sticks. Anyway, it was a fun experiment. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our lazy days of summer are coming to a close.

This morning I was asked to do a quick and simple cover for my kids' 2010-2011 School Calendar. (fyi, the Bulldog is the school's mascot). I don't usually share the stuff I do for the kids' school, but I had fun doing this one. I can't believe we only have two weeks left until school starts again. I love our lazy days of summer!

"Bird Meeting" (Super-sized)

"Bird Meeting" (Super-sized)
30" x 30" stretch canvas

I painted... or rather... re-painted a "Bird Meeting" for my friend Kelley while on vacation  last week. She wanted something to put over her bed and she loved my birds on a wire painting, so we went and bought a huge canvas. I was really nervous because I've never painted anything that big before AND I knew I would have eyes watching me while I painted. Considering the circumstances, I'm glad she picked something I've already painted before. I started the painting at 9:30 or so after we put our kids to bed and we (Shona, Kelley and I) watched "My Sister's Keeper". I finished around 2am. And Kelley was a happy camper the next morning!


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