Monday, April 18, 2011

A Delightful Doll Tea Party!

My niece, Kaylee, just turned 8 and she loves her American Girl doll, Ruthie and her dog, Buster. So, we celebrated her big day with a fancy Doll Tea Party right in her own backyard (and Buster's stomping ground).  She invited a few of her friends, and their dolls, of course.
5"x7" Invitaion (FRONT)

5"x7" Invitaion (BACK)
I designed and illustrated this Tea Party invitation with my new Wacom Intuos4 Sketch Pad. I love it!
My Doll Tea Party Invitation is now available at my shop! CLICK HERE!
I'll be posting the rest of the collection this week.

 I got an enlarged B&W printout of Kaylee's invitation, hand colored it and featured it at the entrance of the Tea Party.

We set the table with an assortment of china from three generations, plus a few Goodwill finds, my mother's teapot collection and a very generous neighbor who had some fabulous tablecloths. Thanks Debrah! Can you find my tea pot? It's my ewehooo! cameo.

Kaylee, the guest of honor and her doll, Ruthie wearing their matching birthday outfits.

The first thing the guests got to do upon arrival was dress for Tea. 
I found these Chipboard purses at the craft store (you can also find them here). I simply spray painted them and added their names. They decorated them with flower stickers and rhinestones. Inside each purse was candy lipstick and a small mirror compact.
 The girls decorated hats for themselves and their dolls.

My sister, Reba and I raided my 93 year old grandmother's closet for dress shoes and scarves. She had 88 pairs of shoes the last time she counted. She wears a size 4-1/2, perfect for little 8 year old feet!

I made each of the girls a set of gloves out of white knee socks. Easy tutorial to come.
The dolls were seated at their own special table, where Ruthie was at the head.

 Abraham Lincoln(s) were surprise guests. You can imagine all the dolls were tickled pink!
 Then is it was Tea Time!

 Lots of toothless smiles!
And a toast to Kaylee!

A friend of Reba's baked cupcakes from scratch and each girl got her own delicious treat with personalized mini-bunting, doll sized too!
Make a wish!

 The Party Favors were over-sized Tea Bags filled with chocolates. The Pink Polka-dot Tea Bags, Pink striped straws (used for the Cupcake Bunting) and Divine Twine are from Whisker Graphics.

What a delightful day!
Buster won't admit it, but I think he had a great time too!


  1. I might have to hire you to throw me a birthday party... just like that one!!!! So speckled cute!!!! LoVe it! :) - Kim

  2. This is such a sweet theme. Everyone looks like they had a fabulous time:)

    Thanks for entering your party to April POM at CPN.

    Good Luck!

  3. This is darling!!! I love the doll size cupcakes with bunting. So well done!

  4. So cute Melanie! Love the idea of putting the cupcakes in the tea cups with the bunting. The tea bag favors are too clever!

  5. Melanie, you throw the bestestest parties! Oh my, you're the best aunt ever! Everyone in your circle of family and friends is so fortunate to have you put in so much effort in their celebrations!

  6. Melanie...Melanie...Melanie...where were you when Christina was 8! I would have hired you to do every party for both of my kids! This is spectacular....can I hire you to plan my Christmas party this year?? I'm not kidding!! What are your rates!!!! Simply amazing!!! I know little Miss Kaylee felt so special on her day!!, Kelley

  7. I love it!!!! I love it!!! Wish I could have been there. Great job Aunt Mel making this such a memorable b'day for Kaylee and posting with your business too. You certainly are talented, young Lady. Even Buster looked happy and content. Thanks for sharing......
    Aunt Nancy

  8. stopped by from Ironcraft....just loved this post. My daughter never wanted a tea party so going to your daughter's via the web made me very happy! I have to say, those shoes are pretty swanky for a 93 year old! Everything looked just fabulous!!!

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by Val! I feel the same way as you, actually. I did that party for my niece, since I don't have a little girl of my own:) Last Christmas I also did a party for my friend's daughter. I just love little girly parties!

  10. Love your attention to detail, Jane:)

  11. Just stopped by to see your stuff and your site is getting cuter and cuter. I love EVERYTHING!!!! You are amazing!

  12. Oh by the way the post above is ME = ALISA!

  13. Amazing party! Where did you get the girls' and dolls' hats?

  14. Melissa,

    I got the girls' hats at the Dollar store, but it was Easter time. I like this hat tutorial way better! You should try it! Too cute!

    I got the doll hats at Hobby Lobby (Craft Store) in the doll section.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

    Melanie at ewehooo!

  15. Your tea party brings back memories for me....I used to have a tea party business...I gave them everywhere for 15 years. I loved seeing the excitement on the girls faces as they dressed up & sat down for tea!
    You did an excellent job...Bravo!

  16. This is the most delightful and creative tea party for little girls I've seen. Great job. I'm going to share it on my FB page:

  17. Thanks for featuring my niece's Doll Tea Party on your Facebook page, Jonnie! We all had so much fun!

  18. you should of a atleast one game to make the party perfect so cute.

  19. Awesome party! Do you have a tutorial on the gloves? If so where can I find it? Thank you!

  20. Hi Emily,
    Sorry, I was away on vacation! Here's the link to the Gloves tutorial!


  21. I love this. I hope some day make a tea party for my little girl. I bought some dolls for the table decoration.


  22. Where did you find the hats for the dolls?

  23. HI Katie,
    The party was in the Spring, so there were plenty of Easter hats on sale! I suggest this site though|2788267638. Good luck!

  24. Quite interesting post on your doll themed tea party and wish this information will help in arranging dinner party with my friends next month. Booked one of lovely Los Angeles event venues and hope to have good time there.



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