Friday, September 14, 2012

Utility Box Art Complete!

Say "HELLO" to my completed Utility Box Art! It's on the corner of Orange Avenue and Grant Street. I wanted to keep my design clean and simple with big graphics that pop and catch people's eye as they drive by. I chose my favorite colors for the pallet and went retro with the design encompass the theme of Downtown South's South's past, present and future. The words on each panel describe Downtown South. I'm happy with the result!

 "HELLO" Welcomes all visitors and residents alike to our area featuring a classic and friendly greeter.

"THRIVING" DT South has flourished so much since I moved to the area 9 years ago. I'm so glad to be a part of its growth.

"URBAN" Us city dwellers love DT South because it's convenient to everything. 

"LIVING" We Live, Work and Play here.

 Have a great weekend!


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