Friday, April 9, 2010

NYC Marathon (by 2012) or Bust!

I'm in! I mean, really. How lucky am I? Getting in to the New York Marathon on the first try! Woohoo!

But there's one tiny little catch... my three running buddies and I made a deal back in January that we would all register for the NYC Marathon (entries chosen by lottery) in 2010 with the idea that by 2012, we would all get in and run it together. So I'm the lucky one who actually was "accepted" in to the 2010 NYC Marathon as of April 7th. My three running buddies, however, were not so lucky. They will have to try again in 2011. If they get denied again, then they'll try again in 2012. The NYC Marathon rule is that you automatically get in on the third try. Hence, the goal of us all running the NYC Marathon together by 2012. Sadly, I will have to defer this year. Oh, the agony. I'm disappointed and relieved at the same time. Don't get me wrong. I want to run the race. I just don't feel like training for it. Well, at least I'm guaranteed for next year, and the next, if it comes down to that. I can't wait to explain the $185 dollar registration fee—for the race that I'm not even running in this year—to my Quicken-fanatical husband who, with a click of a button, can chart the financials of our lives in over 100 different flavors and colors. His pie charts and negative asset bar graphs are so pretty too. I, on the other hand, tend to use the "I Love Lucy" method of paying the bills. He doesn't like that so much.

I know what you non-runners out there are thinking. "She's freakin crazy. Who would PAY to run 26 miles? Who would want to RUN a marathon?" Point taken. Actually, only 1% of the population run at least one marathon in their lifetime. I have to say, I'm not in the camp that actually lives to run. I mean, I'm not that person who runs every day to get her "me" time. I don't enjoy running, necessarily. I run strictly because I know how to do it. I've been running on and off since high school and it's the only thing I can do for exercise consistently and not feel like a complete idiot. I was that chick in the back row of aerobics class that was always going right, when everyone else went left. I do not participate in the chicken dance or the electric slide at weddings. And I was never a cheerleader. Running doesn't involve much more than putting one foot in front of the other at a descent clip. When I feel like eating a bowl of ice cream, I eat it.When I don't feel like running anymore, I stop. Nobody wins really (except the crazies... the "athletes, I should say). You're basically competing against yourself... and the people in front of you. No big D! Marathons are good goals to set to keep yourself in shape. And it's a fun get-a-way vacation too! You nay-sayers should try it some time. You might find out that it's not that crazy after all! Well, maybe just a little crazy:)

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  1. I can't even imagine running the New York marathon - yikes! I just signed up for my first marathon in Milwaukee in Oct. A Lot less people ; )
    I never really understood why people loved running so much - my dad has run marathon's all my life - but now that I am training, I get it.
    It's all about challenging yourself with the plus side of feeling good and keeping in shape... yet it does not take a lot of talent. I was never the athletic type ( I am very clumsy!) So good luck when you so start training again and I don't think your crazy!



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