Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ewe hooo loves ya Kaylee Rae!

22" x 28" Mixed Media Canvas
"ewe hooo loves you baby!"
Kaylee Rae, the only niece on my side of the family, has a newly decorated bedroom courtesy of her mother and her favorite Aunt, ewe know hooo! Kaylee had a traditional, pink, girly room before. Now, at age 7,  it's time for a change. She chose a fairytale forest theme. There is a life-size tree painted on her wall with mix-and-match fabric leaves. The owl painting will hang over her bed that has a cozy tree themed quilt from PBKids. And the neatest thing of all is that she was given my great grandmother's bedroom furniture—that would be her Great-Great Grandmother (Mamaw Reba 1892—1984). A lot of love went into that room!

Kaylee Rae, I just want you to know, "ewe know hooo loves you baby!" 


  1. Love the room. Kaylee is so pretty. You did a beautiful job. Love the fact that you were able to use Mamaw Reba's furniture.

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by! Reba has more plans for the room. It's a work in progress. Hope you're feeling better!



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