Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday in my "ewe"niverse— stopping to smell the Roses.

I'm in the North Carolina mountains, so this Monday in my "ewe"niverse is on mountain time. Sorry for the delay! Anyway, yesterday (Monday) I had the pleasure of spending the day with my niece, Kaylee Rae (7) and (according to my husband the Geneology expert) my second cousins once removed— Cecily (7) and Cara (5). We spent a good part of the day outside on the porch overlooking the beautiful mountains, painting rocks while my mom pruned her flowers in the garden. Cara helped. This inspired me to paint some of my mom's sweet smelling roses.

Hope you had a marvelous Monday!


  1. Melanie, that is gorgeous! I've been in flower mode as well with my painting. What materials did you use?

  2. Gorgeous! Enjoy your time in NC - I spent a long weekend there in May and fell a bit in love with the area.

  3. Thanks Cait and Jamie for stopping by! Cait, I just used acrylics on canvas. I've meant to throw some paper in the mix, but was too busy touching up the girls' painted rocks and cleaning up paint spills:)

    Jamie, I love coming up here to NC every year. We are in Balsam, about 30 minutes from Asheville. The weather is great! And we're heading to Asheville on Friday for an art show! Can't wait! Where did you stay?

  4. Beautiful, both the inspiration and especially the painting!

  5. This painting is wonderful! I love what's going on in the background and around the edges, too. And also loving the red and teal together!

  6. The knockout roses are beautiful and so is your work. You are definitely the most creative person I know. You are an inspiration to me. I'm going to try Zentangles to see where my limited creativity leads me.



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