Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day rocked this year!

I decided to leave my red magnolia wreath up until Valentine's Day because I love it so much and hate to pack it away. So I added this cool Love sign I made out of coated copper wire and yarn. L-O-V-E it!
Jackson (my Kindergartener) vetoed the Fruity Valentine idea so we decided to decorate rocks instead. I got this idea  here at Red Bird Crafts. Sooo cute! And easy! Jackson came home and didn't mention anything about them, so I'm assuming his classmates liked them and there was no rock throwing going on in class. Guess I would have gotten an email from the teacher if that had happened. 
I ran with the chalkboard speech bubble idea from earlier this month and made 18 of them for Wesley's classmates last week. They each wrote a special message to their parents and I took pictures of them. We also made these twisty yarn picture clips. A sweet, sentimental gift for Mom and Dad.

Twisty Yarn Picture Clips How to:

You'll Need:
• yarn
• sturdy coated wire (from the hardware store. The same stuff I used for the LOVE sign)
• some paper clips (clothespins would work great too!)
• twist-on wire connectors (also from the hardware store) 

Tape the paper clip to one end of the coated wire. Wrap the yarn tightly through the paper clip and around the wire until it is completely covered. Snip the yarn and twist on a wire connector. Then twist it to your "heart's" desire!
And I'm calling it a day. Sweet!


  1. Love all those Valentines!!!!!!!!!! :) xo

  2. OK, you must be pretty cool because even my 9 year old says that is pretty awesome! I love me some chalkboard and this is so wonderfully personalized, I just may have to borrow this idea for next year, I see it for my soon to be 5th grader's graduation project?

    Anyhoo, I'm rambling again. Just wanted to let you know about the Spring And Easter Parties question you left at my blog in case you didn't see my reply comment; yes, it doesn't have to be birthday, it can be any type of party; a baby shower, maybe a tea you hosted, as long as it's spring themed!



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