Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Peter Cotton Tail

In between coloring eggs with the kids, preparing Easter baskets and a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt, I couldn't resist making this cute little sock bunny. It's a variation of the one found here. I inserted floral wire to make the ears curl. The body is stuffed with batting and the feet are filled with rice so it stands up. I followed this pom-pom tutorial to make the bunny's cotton tail.

Heading to church and then off to my sister's to spend the day with family. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


  1. I LoVe sock animals! This is adorable... is it perhaps going on ETSY? I've gotta learn how to make those creatures... but the bummer is I don't know how to sew :(

    Love this! :) HappY EasteR - Kim

  2. I love sock animals too! Don't look too closely or you'll see that I can't sew either:) It was fun though. I'll post a tutorial soon. I got a Singer "Simple" sewing machine at Walmart last Christmas cheap. It's the ine Martha Stewart recommends for beginners. It's great! Comes with a "how to" video. Very helpful! I highly recommend it.

    P.S. Had a ton of fun in Spain. Wish we had more time there! Check out my pics!



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