Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Herron Home— Mixed Media Painting

Just finished this mixed media painting while on vacation in North Carolina. I used old book pages for the house and pallet knives for the bulk of the painting. Then went back in and added details. My favorites are the crane sculptures and the address plaque. They didn't want me to include the 4th of July decor and flag.
"The Herron Home"
11x14 Mixed Media Acrylic Canvas
reference: The Herron residence

 Work in progress: book pages

Work in progress: just after I finished the staircase

I shipped the painting out today. Hope they like it!


  1. They commissioned the best artist! Like it? They will love it. It's fantastic, Melanie!

  2. This is so beautiful! I'm sure they'll love it. It's gorgeous!

  3. This is wonderful!!! The texture and paint look thick and luscious...great job!

  4. Another beautiful piece Melanie! I'll bet the bids are going up for Silent Auction 2011!

  5. This is so fun to see the progress. What a really cool piece. Happy creating.



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