Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Project— Chalkboard Wall

I've been wanting to paint a chalkboard wall for ages, but just haven't had the time or the moxie to do it. I mean, to paint a little chalkboard square on a wall is one thing, but to paint an entire wall black is a huge change—especially in our little house. But I convinced myself that since it's the wall next to my computer desk and where the kids eat breakfast and do homework, it would be a fun and creative outlet for all of us. So the weekend before school started, I bit the bullet and started painting a magnetic chalkboard wall. And this weekend, I finally got a chance to draw on it!

I've been scouring Pinterest for Chalkboard wall ideas and picked some of my favorite quotes to feature for my initial design. Check out my Pinterest Boards here. By the way, I found that oversized ruler on Pinterest and ordered it on Etsy. Love it!
I used an overhead projector for most of the lettering, so I wouldn't end up with a bunch of type on a downslope. Unfortunately, my walls aren't perfectly smooth, so I couldn't be as precise as I wanted to be. A friend told me about Chalk Ink— a very cool product, but it's not recommended for use on chalkboard paint. Boo. I was also tempted to go to the craft store and buy a chalk pencil, but never ended up doing that. It's on my list to get though.
I love this quote. It's so cut-and-dry. Even my first grader gets it.
Ok, so I'm still working on having the "HAPPY KIDS" part, but I'm nailin' the other stuff!
Hoping this little diagram will help my kids understand the logic of true happiness. 
It makes me chuckle every time I read it.
PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude. This drawing is a nod to my grandfather, who was a PMA fanatic and my idol, even more so now that he's gone. He was always giving me giving me things to read from Zig Ziggler, Tony Robins, Dale Carnegie and the list goes on. He would hi-light the heck out of everything and write me notes in the margins. I still have a box full of his stuff! Newsletter, books, cassette tapes, CDs, you name it! When we graduated from college he insisted that each of his grandchildren enroll in the 12 week Dale Carnegie course,  "The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking".  (The long and the short of that course is to engage your audience and present your information in such a way that it will make them remember you.) Anyway, I thought it would be something positive for Wesley to look at while he's eating his Cheerios in the morning. My grandfather always told me, "If you think positive thoughts, you will be positive."  

Jackson couldn't wait to start drawing. (FYI, that thing that looks like the sun under his right elbow is actually a dock for the pirate ship.)
Yep, I think they're gonna like this chalkboard wall. 

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  1. This is absolutely great! My landlord however does not agree in her rented home, even if she likes the idea. Imagine all the things you will do on that wall!I must admit, I am a little chalk wall envious :) Happy Labor Day!

  2. I love this, it's absolutely amazing!
    Following you now.

  3. This is so inspiring! You have done an amazing job. Loved this so much I pinned it and liked it on StumbleUpon.

    I am a new follower from I Heart Nap Time Sundae Scoop. If you have a chance come by and say hi!

  4. This looks great. Very creative....

  5. Looks Awesome Mel!!! We have a huge chalkboard in our dining room too... I love writing love notes and such on it!!! Although I fancy your writing more than mine!!! :) xo - Kim

  6. I loved your birdies on the brave girls sites, and what a fun surprise when I came over to your blog. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your wall.

    I’m looking forward to spending more time on your blog. You are very talented and inspiring.

  7. Came over from Brave Girls... congrats on the feature first of all. Secondly, I am absolutely in LOVE over this chalkboard wall!!!!! This totally rocks! I am now following you and a fan for life!!

  8. Thanks Ladies! I love my new Brave Girl friends!

  9. Hello! I found your blog through Brave Girls, your sweet birdies were on the post today. Can I just say that your blog has made my day? It's fresh, pretty, fun, and I love your attitude that comes across in your writing.
    Can't wait to visit more!

  10. I love your chalkboard wall and your quotes! I have been planning to paint an old large framed mirror with chalkboard paint so I could add quotes to it in my home, but just haven't done it yet. You have inspired me to go buy chalkboard paint tonight and finish it tomorrow. Thank you!

    Congratualtions on being featured on Brave Girls. Your painting is so cute. I love birdies!

    Nice to meet you!
    Lee Ann

  11. Love, love, love this. You have inspired me--now I just have to go find a wall or maybe a door, lol!!

  12. hey there! Funny, I had painted a wall in the sunroom area for Will to practice writing on. I guess I should gone alittle bigger! lol. I LOVE it!!!! I am doing alot more art lately than I had, someday, someday, we will get together! ;) - Naomi

  13. Love the wall... great job of lettering... I may just have to try this myself... you are an inspiration!

  14. I LOVE this!
    I linked to your blog today.
    I just finished my third wall of chalkboard paint.
    I just found your blog today.

  15. So glad you found my blog! If you love my chalkboard wall, you should see the one's on my pinterest board!

  16. i love this and want to do one in my sons room. Which brand of paint did you use for this wall?

  17. i love this and want to do one in my sons room. Which brand of paint did you use for this wall?

  18. Hi Leasa,

    I love my chalkboard wall! You should definitely do one! Here's the paint I used:

    Have fun!

  19. I came across your blog while looking for fun, interesting quotes and artwork for my chalkboard wall..What an amazing idea!



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