Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Costume: Captain Barbosa

 WE ARE COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TO HALLOWEEN! This is one of my kids' favorite holidays. They love to dress up year round in the elaborate costumes their grandmother makes for them and Halloween is their free ticket for a new handmade costume. This year is no exception. Jackson has decided to be a pirate—again (they were pirates 2 years ago as well). Not just any "random pirate" as Jackson says, but Captain Barbosa from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So he submitted his request to my mother-in-law to make his pirate coat.

I took Jackson to Walmart the other night and picked up some cheap black sweat pants, knit gloves for $1 and some rain boots. I decided to make the hat myself because there's nothing cost-effective on the Internet that meets Jackson's stringent criteria. It was surprisingly simple to make, actually!
Here's all you need to do...


I assure you, his intentions are strictly honorable.


  1. johnny dep~ watch out!!!
    what a gem! such eyes.
    and you, what a sweet sweet neat mom to have!
    lucky boy.
    miss you too!!!



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