Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Few Custom Painted Homes— Mixed Media

Just finished this painting the other day for a repeat customer. It's for her in-laws in Tennessee. Now that's a lot of brick! I decided to cut individual bricks out of book pages for the brick trim and placed them with molding paste to create depth. As for the rest of the brick, I painted it. I also used book pages for the tree leaves and cut canvas into little squares for the shingle roof.

 A Tennessee Home
12" x 12" Mixed Media Canvas

 My Reference.

Close up of the detail.
It was packed with care and shipped just in time for Christmas!

I painted this little bungalow for my friend Sarah. Her sweet husband surprised her with it for her birthday on the 16th (which happens to be the same as mine!).

 The Doherty Bungalow
12" x 12" Mixed Media Canvas

My Reference.

Close up of the Book pages and button plants.

I'd love to paint your home too! If you're interested, CLICK HERE  


  1. incredible! ill keep you in mind - these make perfect gifts for those who have everything!

  2. These are so cool and interesting. Your friend Beth, who reads my blog, sent me over to your site to check out your fab birthday parties- such fun details and so creative!



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