Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Unparalleled Birthday Adventure!

Ok, so I'm totally behind planning my soon to be 10 year old's birthday party. His birthday is a week and a half away. But it's not all my fault! He kept changing his mind as to what he wanted to do. First it was a Secret Agent Party, then specifically—Sherlock Holmes. Then a Nerf Wars Party. I tried, and failed, to convince him to have a water slide party. FINALLY, he settled on a Video Game/Nerf Wars/Trampoline/Pizza Party. How's that for simplicity?

THE BIG SURPRISE: What he doesn't know is that I booked GAME TRUCK for his party. Dude! I AM TOTALLY STOKED! (Can Moms say that?) A Game Truck trailer is going to pull up in front of our house at 3:30 sharp next Thursday after school. And 16-20 of Wesley's closest friends will be invited to pile into the truck and play video games for two whole hours! Game Truck provides a Gaming Host who will manage all the kids while they play, so I don't have to. Woohoo! And I even got a discount for booking the party on a week day!
After two hours of video games, they'll be ushered out of the truck for pizza, cake, Nerf Wars and a little bit of Trampoline time. And at 6:30pm— GAME OVER PEOPLE!

Oh, I'm a genius!

Of course, these invites are for sale in my shop HERE so you can be a genius too.


  1. I'm sure the kids will have so much fun!

  2. Hello I was wondering where could I get one of the xbox 360 oversize portraits done



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