Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girls' Weekend #143

Birmingham, AL— It was another fabulous weekend with my best friends Kelley, Shona and Amy! Our first, get-together for 2010 was spent primarily chatting in Kelley's kitchen over wine and miscellaneous appetizers. The big event was our trip to Sips n' Strokes, like a Paint your own Pottery place but you actually get to paint your own painting while sipping on wine—bonus! What a simple, yet ingenious concept! The featured painting of the evening was this lovely flower. I think they're all masterpieces. I love you girls!


  1. That sounds SO FUN! Wine and painting with friends is a great combo, I wish there was something like that around here...not that we couldn't do it at home I suppose. I love how each flower is the same yet different, they look good together. Nice to "meet" you, I'm a fellow fishie in Marisa's ecourse.

  2. Hello, fellow fishie! Just saying hi to my fellow bowlmates!



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