Friday, February 5, 2010

The Movie Theater Birthday.

Save money this year! Instead of taking a bunch of kids to the movies, make your family room a theater— complete with rows of comfy chairs, a candy concession stand, a toy cash register, play money for all to spend and, of course these yummy Popcorn Cupcakes! Dim the lights and press play. Viola! You’re at the movies!

Download my “Popcorn Cupcake Wrapper” design, print and trim. Then secure the wrapper around the cupcake with tape or double-sided tape. 

Frost the cupcakes with white icing.

Click here for a PDF detailing these instructions.


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  1. You know I have no experience of any movie themed birthday, but I must say here; these like are amazing ways for dual fun. Well your idea of using “Popcorn Cupcake” is great for money-saving and you have really planned a fantastic environment for celebrating the best kind of birthday.
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