Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm an artist and I commit to thrive.

Funny thing, I'm always so proud to say I had a successful fifteen year career in advertising—building brands, developing ad campaigns, traveling abroad and wooing clients. But when people ask me what I'm doing now, I have a really hard time saying, "I'm an artist". I feel like people don't take me seriously, like art is my play time while my kids are at school—not "a real job". I feel like the precious little time I have to create, and the creations themselves are undervalued. Is it just me, or are artists as a whole undervalued?
The good news is that after all these years I've come full circle and I finally have the courage to dive in and do what I love. Well, that and a husband who is incredibly supportive of everything I do and want to be. I can get lost in my own creative world. It makes my heart sing. And I'm committed to becoming a thriving artist. And what I'm realizing is that my commitment to thrive is no less important than other people and their passions. We can no longer separate one career from another. As long as we have passion, the right attitude and a complete dedication and commitment to our work we can thrive at what we do.

My name is Melanie Crownover and I'm an artist. There! I said it! 


  1. Hi Melanie-Unfortunately I know exactly what you mean. You are an artist, so I say yell it from the rooftops, sing it in the shower, say over and over until everyone knows you mean business. :)

  2. Hallelujah! Excellent post - thanks so much for sharing it ♥

  3. That is awesome. I really love her idea as I have never thought that being a Doctor would be easy at all. Ask my Doctor he would like to kill me at times.
    I believe we should be what is inside us and what makes us happy. This is it, this is not dress rehearsal. This is the only life you have live it happy.

  4. Thanks so much for this link! This is something I totally needed to see. I gave up my business because I allowed myself to be discouraged by hard times. This link strengthens my resolve to keep doing all sorts of creative things I love, no matter being suddenly strapped to a cubicle all day. :D



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