Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday in my "ewe"niverse— The Asheville Half

Tuesday— Back from a fun weekend in Asheville with my running girls! I recommend the Asheville Half to anyone thinking about running a full marathon, but doesn't have the time (or inclination) to train for one. The route was hilly, but beautiful and we were so surprised to see all the people who came out of their homes to cheer us on. The weather was perfect, 60º and sunny.

I love Asheville! It's full of inspiration at every turn. Here are some highlights from our trip.
From the top left: Iron Sunflower sculpture at The Grove Park Inn garden; The Biltmore; Susan and Becky smiling for the camera with Susan's birthday brownies; Barber's Apple Orchard in Waynesville; Prayer Boxes by Holden McCurry; Dog sculpture that Susan said looked like something out of the game Operation; the rose garden at the Biltmore; a painting at Traditions—a store on Biltmore property; Tupelo Honey Cafe— a must restaurant; Melissa and Susan sitting at Carmel's—another yummy restaurant; The Greenhouse at the Biltmore and  the life-size Flat Iron sculpture across from the eight story Flat Iron Building in Asheville.
From the top left: a view looking up the four story, winding staircase at the Bilmore; Flowering Maple in the Biltmore gardens; pottery I love; the Balsam Mountain Inn; and a scarecrow on the farm at the Biltmore.

Thanks for a great weekend girls!


  1. Congrats! What a wonderful accomplishment.

    I fell in love with Asheville this spring, what a lovely city

  2. What a fun time we had on this latest adventure! Love traveling with you my friend, and getting to be part of the things that inspire you. :) -melis



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