Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maddie's Mad Science Birthday Party— Customer Feature

A EWEHOOO! CUSTOMER FEATURE— I just love hearing from my customers about their super fun birthday parties. So much creativity! Maddie, one of my Mad Science Birthday customers, recently turned six and her mom, Luci, threw her an explosive party— that didn't break the bank!

Luci ordered my one-sided Mad Science Party Invite and jazzed it up with some sparkly card stock!
Everyone loved the "Dr. Who?" Game.
Luci decked out the party table with polka dots and bright colored plasticware from the KALAS Collection at IKEA. You can get a whole set of this fun plasticware for about the same price as you'd spend on paper products. Maybe even cheaper! And it's reusable. Very green idea Luci!
Luci found this adorable Mad Science fabric at Love what she did with the chairs!
Homemade Mad Science Cake. Yum!
These adorable Lab Coats were custom made by her friend. You can get your own at Inventive Threads.

Luci had the great idea to give each Mad Science party guest an experiment book to take home, so she asked me to design one for her. This custom printable Mad Science Experiment Book is now available at my shop!

Where to get your Mad Science Materials:
Looks to me like the girls had some explosive fun!
Thanks Luci for sharing Maddie's party!

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  1. Love Luci's spin on the mad science theme! The take home experiment book was so clever.

  2. Thank you Melanie for your sweet compliment:} I adore your blog and your creativity--and that cake is awesome:}

  3. Wow that is a really cool party!
    Such a great theme - and UNUSUAL for a "grils" party too. I Like it!
    thanks for linking up :)

  4. Er, I meant GIRLS party.
    You know, different than the usual princess/fairy stuff :)

  5. I am so glad to find this. I had this idea but wasn't quite sure what to do. thank you for your creative and unique ideas! looks like the girls had a fantastic party!

  6. Hi, can i know the font you use in the card? love it!!

  7. Sure, the font is Kirby. It's free on


  8. Love love love the experiment book where can I buy the download? Your etsy shop is not coming up... Can I buy via paypal and have you email to me? Please say yes. Thanks!!!

  9. Hi Melanie, i am unable to find your collection on Etsy for buying. i totally love love love your experimental book and want to buy it. could you let me know where can i buy the downoad. thanks
    my email id is

  10. Where can I find the Dr. Who name game?

  11. Love the experiment book. I would like to purchase, but the etsy shop is not coming up. Can I please purchase? Thanks!!

  12. I love the invite and experiment book, but the Etsy shop is not coming up...How can I purchase this? Thanks!

  13. Is there any possible way I can purchase the experiment book?



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