Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pixie Stixs Bow

And the answer to your question is, "yes" I sucked down all the powder in the Pixie Stixs in order to make this bow. And... "no" I did not share any Pixie Stix with my kids. I did cough a bit when one of them came in and startled me. The powder went down the wrong way, but I drank a little water and I was fine. Thanks for asking.

I made this bow to top a birthday gift for a little boy we know who LOVES candy! Any kind of candy. He loves to come over to play and look in our pantry for our sweets stash because his mommy doesn't have one. That's ok kid. I feel for ya! My mom didn't have a candy stash either. I think that's why I have one now.

So if you've got a little friend with a sweet tooth, this might be just the bow for you!
First empty your Pixie Stix (into your mouth, if you so choose).

For the Bottom Row: Take your first Pixie Stix (is it Stix or stick? I don't know.) and loop each end to meet in the middle. Secure with hot glue and repeat with five other pixie stix. Then stack the six looped pixie stix as shown and hot glue each to secure.
For the Top Row: Snip 1/4 off your pixie stix to make smaller loops and secure with hot glue. Repeat with the last three Pixie Stix. Stack the smaller loops on top of the larger set of loops and secure with hot glue.

For the Center: Use the end piece of one of the Pixie Stix from the top row and make a single loop. Secure this to the center of the bow.


I'm sharing this tasty craft with some of my blog friends at Somewhat Simple and Great Fun 4 Kids.


  1. I love the whimsical feel! This is fantastic!

  2. Hey!
    I have NO IDEA what Pixie Stix are (?) but that bow looks GREAT!
    You tell me its candy? Even better!
    I'm wondering if there is a NZ equivalent... now Raspbery licorice straps... that could work, right???

  3. Mmmmmm licorice! My fave! Don't know if a glue gun would work on that though. You can order Pixie Stix online here:
    but any long candy wrappers would do just fine. Take a candy bar wrapper and cut it into thin strips. That works! Would love to see your finished product!



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