Friday, March 26, 2010

10 things I really should do, but can never seem to find the time:

1. Fix the plug on the light above the piano so Wesley can read his music better (bad mom).
2. Ride the stationary bike we bought in 2006.
3. Go through my magazine collection (dating back to 1999) and pull ideas and inspiration. Then throw the rest out.
4. Sort through my clothes and give away the 80% I don't wear anymore.
5. Update the family tree for my dad.
6. Walk Max and Birdie three times a day (like our neighbor, Will, does with his dog Cody.
7. Clean out the closet in the guest room.
8. Vacuum my car out.
9. Fill the two frames in my bedroom (that I got as wedding gifts almost 11 years ago) with pictures.
10. Change my extended-wear contact lenses every 30 days as directed.
Reason for doing #2 on my list above.
Funny how I found the time to devour all these snack-size sensations.

1 comment:

  1. Melanie,

    #4 is exactly what I keep telling myself I need to do. *sigh*
    I love the mixed media project-the beading especially.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!




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