Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Try something new...

Thought I'd try something new this week to celebrate the launch of my new ewe hooo! blog design. And surprise, surprise— this is my first piece for sale on Etsy.com! Just click here on "Try something new" to get to my Etsy page. Yikes! I'm so nervous! Hope you like it. I sure do. Maybe I'll by it back for myself:)


  1. I love this piece! :)

  2. This is beautiful!

    -Kristen (from class)

  3. Whoa! Thank you for visiting my blog - it so happened I was on yours (no lie) In fact, I linked onto the person who designed your blog for more info. Thanks for sharing. BTW Beautiful piece! Congratulations on your new blog design and on starting your etsy shop. I hope to do the same soon!

    Your fellow fishie ;-)

  4. Awesome job Melanie!!! I do love your style!!!

  5. The piece is beautiful and your blog looks great! Love the stamped look to the letters in your blog header - perfect.

  6. Melanie,
    Congratulations on your blog design and your new piece for your Etsy Store! It is wonderful and I wish you all the best. Love your blog header too!
    Best to you...fishie!

  7. Love this!!! What a wonderful, uplifting blog! Can't wait to cruise on over to your Etsy store...

    Trish (the fish)



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