Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday in my ewe-niverse.

It's Monday (night...actually approaching early Tuesday) and I've decided to start a weekly post this summer that gives my adoring fans (namely Mom and Mrs. Legg) a little peek inside my ewe-niverse (that's "universe"). My universe is quite small. I generally stay within a 5 mile perimeter of my home, at least during the week. Only visiting the usual haunts: Publix, Super Target (practically in my backyard), the YMCA and school, of course. I've finally discovered in my forties that I'm a home body and I'm ok with that. So I'll be sharing my favorite spaces here where I'm most comfortable. But to start the ball rolling, I thought I'd share with you my neighbor (Mr. Keith's) dreamy backyard pool. The kids love going next door to swim whenever they can. And so do I, but I try and curtail our visits, so as not to be too much of a pool mooch. I just adore this backyard escape. It's so private with its lush tropical landscape. I feel like I'm in another world completely. You'd never know our house is just over the fence. And I don't even get mad when bamboo shoots sprout up in our yard. They grow like weeds. Who cares! I've got a neighbor with an amazing pool! How lucky am I! Oh how I wish we had room for a pool in our teensy-tiny backyard. Jackson asks almost daily, "Mommy can we sell our tramporine and git a pool wike Mr. Keif's?" (He's not good with his "L's" yet.) No honey, but maybe one day we can cut a little door in our fence so we can sneak on over to Mr. Keith's pool more often.

Tune in next Monday for another look into my ewe-niverse!


  1. Wow, I'm going to start peeking in my neighbors back yard to see what they have. That yard is amazing. Look forward to next Monday! Have a good week.

  2. WOW! beautiful images! I really love how you squared them up and divided the images with white space. Did you do that in an editing program first or right in blogspot? Glad to see you in the Unraveling class as well (fellow fishie)! ♥

  3. Thanks for stopping by Ivy! I organized my pictures in Illustrator, but found a site that does pretty much the same thing! Check it out! Didn't know you were taking the Unravelling class too! Small World! Love your IF pelican. So true. I've tried to ignore the news myself. You've depicted the disaster perfectly.

  4. Great photos of a beautiful place! I'd love to have a backyard like that (or a friendly neighbor with a backyard like that)!



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