Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday in my "ewe"niverse— School Mode

"Welcome Back"
Beeswax collage 
9"x12" Canvas

Happy Monday! I know, I know. I'm totally in school mode right now. It's the last week before school starts for the kids and I'm on the Bulletin Board Decorating Committee. Woohoo! So while I was working on decorations last night, I pulled out my old Claudine Hellmuth "Beeswax Collage" video and thought I'd try experimenting with beeswax again. This piece is made using tissue paper, some scrapbook paper, material, ribbon and cheap (crappy) oil pastels. I need to get myself some of those Shiva Oil Paint Sticks. Anyway, it was a fun experiment. 


  1. I've never heard of a beeswax collage. What is it? How do you do one? I am in back to school mode too because I work at the county ed office, and I am a tad bit stressed right now :) Hope your launch back to school goes well!

  2. OMG Kristen, this is right up your alley!! I have a Beeswax Collage video by Claudine Hellmuth (see the link on the right). She has such a fun and whimsy style. There are lots of artists who use it as part of their mixed media collages. You would love it!



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