Sunday, August 22, 2010

Atta boy Wes!

It all came down to this. Spicy Doritos and a cool uniform.

We got a call late this summer that there was an opening on the tackle football team for Wes' age group, but he would have to loose 5 pounds before the first game to make the team. (I know that sounds cruel making kids lose weight to be able to play, but I understand the logic. They don't want the big kids pounding the little ones.) So the last three weeks of summer were spent at the football field practicing every afternoon from 5-7pm. Wesley happily cut out ice cream and his favorite pasta to get into shape.

So Saturday was his first game and it was a nail biter waiting to find out if he made the weight requirement. And he did it!! Woohoo! We were so proud! We didn't even care that he sat on the bench for most of the game. Two of the three times he went in (Defensive Line) the other team made touchdowns. But who cares! He made the team!
I asked him if he enjoyed the game, thinking he might be disappointed that he didn't get to play much and he said, "If they give out Spicy Doritos after every game, I love it!" Best of all, I don't even have to wash his uniform because it didn't get dirty!

We're so proud of "ewe" Wes. Go Braves!

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