Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday in my "ewe"niverse"— Our Wake-up Song.

Yesterday (Monday) was the first day back to school and to continue with our tradition from last year, I turned on "The Red, Red, Robin" song to wake the boys up in the morning. It always seems to get them up with a smile.

Click Here t Listen to the Red, Red Robin Song.

BTW, another blog I love is my friend Jamie's over at Lyrical Journey where she is creating the soundtrack of her life, travels and memories. Check it out! I've picked up some great songs from her.


  1. Hope the red robin helped you all get going again today. Thanks for the sweet mention!

  2. Love it! I'll listen to the song later (baby asleep on me!).

  3. Cute story, and wonderful art, what could be better?



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