Friday, March 4, 2011

A "ewe"nique Photostrip Collection.

I'd like you to meet Erin Vertolli— my very talented friend and fellow Blankner Mom. She is probably the coolest Mom I know. For one, her kids are named London and Vegas. How cool is that? Her house is very West Elm meets CB2 with a dash of IKEA. Plus, she is the talent behind One Lucky Baby— a line of hip baby attire and accessories designed with the modern Mom in mind.

Erin invited me over recently to pour though her fabric scraps. I love using fabrics in my mixed media art. Anyway, when I walked in the door, I saw this collage of Photo booth pictures on her wall. I absolutely loved it and asked her about it. This was her response: 

ERIN: I have this ridiculous obsession with photo booths. Not the digital, or the sticker booths but the old school classic B&W or Color booths. You get 4 shots. No retakes. No copies. I started collecting strips about 15 years ago. Most pictures are of friends and family but I've got fantastic photos of strangers too. Am I surprised when I ask random people if they'll squeeze their body into 2x2 feet, take some pics and let me keep them? Always. Not sure if it's the booth or the booze, but people lose their inhibition in these things.

Only a few places in Orlando still have the classic booths including Eye Spy, BBQ Bar and Stardust. And maybe one day, my living room. Until then, I'll keep collecting, framing and dreaming of my own!"

Be sure and check out Erin's shop here:

Well, I think I'm going to round up the hub and kids and go find a Photobooth! Have a great weekend!

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