Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Garden Birthday Party - for Mackenzie!

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MY NIECE RECENTLY TURNED FOUR and we celebrated with a Garden Birthday Party designed and illustrated by yours truly! Here's the double-sided invitation that was sent out to friends and family (see above and below).

And here's the Birthday Girl!
Since my house is full of boys, I had so much fun designing this party for Mackenzie. 
  • The tablecloth is made from colorful bandanas. Thanks Mom for sewing it together for me! 
  • Hot Pink Water Jug— is from Joann's found with all their Easter stuff.  Same with the flowers. 

  • The yummy homemade white cake was layered with fresh strawberries and homemade icing!
  • I made clay cake toppers to match the Garden themed invitation. (Thinking about selling these too.)
  • The little statue of Mackenzie was made using Shrinky Dinks! That was fun to watch it bake!
  • My friends Shona, Claire and I sewed the Mini-bunting for the cake (and also for the yarn wreath).

  • I spray painted the clay pots in bright colors and filled them with Jelly Bellies.
  • The Flowers were made from a template and tongue depressors (template available at my shop)
  • The Party Circles in the center of the flowers are part of my Garden Party Collection.

The kids loved playing and planting flowers in the sandbox.

  • Chenille bubble blowers were easier for the kids to dip into the bubbles and the chenille absorbs the bubble mixture and makes bigger bubbles!
  • The Bubble Wrappers are part of the Garden Party Collection.

 I found this adorable Butterfly Catcher jar with "what looked like" a real butterfly! Tap on the top of the jat and the butterfly flutters around. It was a big hit with the kids.

 Click here for instructions on how to make these cute balloon flowers!

Guests left with these Garden Party Favors.

 Can't wait 'til next year!


  1. Adorable and so creative and fun.

  2. It's all so darling!! I've said it before and will say it again -- I love your style!

    Looking at this makes my heart ache a little, after giving up my invitation biz. I shall live vicariously through you til I get the courage to start it once again.

  3. So whimsical and cute. What a great party!

    Visiting from Maddycakes Muse.

  4. Hi,

    I loved your idea of using pipe cleaners as bubble wands. I modified it slightly for my daughter Quinby's third birthday. It was handmade fairy princess themed. Thanks so much for the inspiration. You can see how they came out here -


    ps - I LOVE your blog name. So cute! oh, and I found your blog through

  5. My turning-7-year old has requested a garden party. I may have to use some of these ideas too!

  6. Hi Steph,

    Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog as well! I hope your daughter has a blooming birthday! In case you're interested, I sell the whole Garden Party collection in my shop here:

    Happy crafting!

  7. Hi, Melanie! Love your niece's beautiful Garden Birthday Party!! Every last detail is so adorable! Nicely done! ;) I featured your cute chenille bubble blowers on my blog today as one of my favorite Summer Fun pins!!
    Thanks so much for sharing! Have a fabulous Summer! :)

  8. Very cute and creative ideas !!! I would surely use those in my brother's birthday this year.

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  10. Wow! This is so cute! It's my niece birthday next month and I was researching for DIY birthday party themes and supplies. I think this will be a good idea. I will ask her if she likes a garden theme party. Thank you.

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