Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun at the Lake with Legos.

At the lake, we swim, we eat and we fish. The kids fished off the dock all week long. Lucky for us, there are tons of Brim chomping at the bit to snag the soggy bread bait off their hooks, so the kids get instant gratification with a catch practically every time they drop their lines. We unhook them, name them and then throw them back with their friends.

I got inspired by a photo hanging in the cabin by Lorri Honeycutt. Her slice of life portraits are so fun, I thought I'd try some myself with Jackson's Legos and enlisted the help of my friend Erich to catch "the big one" for these pictures. Thanks Erich! Great catch!

Jackson built this Pirate ship from scratch and wanted me to put it on my "Bwog". Pretty cool!

I'm sharing this post with my friends at Funky Polka Dot Giraffe.


  1. hysterical! my son is going to love this :)

  2. Hilarious-love the "what now" one.
    Will show my son too.
    Lego has so much potential for creativity when you think outside the (literal) box.



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