Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here's a peek at my newest Birthday Design— A Cool Critter Party

One of my customers recently emailed me asking if I could design an invitation for her other son's birthday— a Critter Party. She's going to have a company come to her home with all sorts of critters that the kids can hold, touch, play with, etc. Critters like a hedgehog, a snake (Python, actually), and a tarantula (eeks!). The family also has a pet hamster named "Uno"; a pet turtle named, "Frankin"; an ant farm; a love for Ladybugs; and a butterfly garden. Whew! She said all she was finding on Etsy were Bug, Bee and Insect themes— nothing on other animals. So I took a stab at a design and here it is...
 5"x7" Cool Critter Birthday Invite

 5"x7" Cool Critter Birthday Invite

I'll be working on the rest of the Critter Collection next week and will share the whole Kit then. Now on to my next project— a Wedding Banner. Stay tuned!

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