Monday, June 27, 2011

Lake Staple— Hamburger Cupcakes and Sweet Tomato BBQ Sliders!

I picked up these cute hamburger cupcakes at Target. They just scream summer!

Got this yummy recipe for Sweet Tomato BBQ Sliders here. They were delish and easy to whip up!

One night at the Lake my friend, Shona and I made about 40 of these cute picnic themed party flags. All you need is some picnic themed fabric or paper, scissors, toothpicks and glue! As you can see from the pics, we used them a lot! 


  1. I love those little flats I want to serve them on top of everything from PB&J sandwiches to ice cream sundaes! :) You are always soooo clever!!! Come by and see me in Artistree sometime!!! :) xo - Kim

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  3. I meant FLAGS... not FLATS... but I bet your flat is cleverly decorated too!!! :) xo

  4. It looks so delicious, Even i showed this blog to my mum and she promised me that she will prepare hamburger for me from this hamburger recipe. And i love to have it.

  5. Wow! mouthwatering, delicious dish. I love it very much. i can have it in breakfast, lunch and in dinner.My mum used to prepare it for me. But alas! now i am away from her.But your easy steps of hamburger to prepare it will help me to make it.



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