Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costumes to die for...

My sister, Melissa and her husband went to a costume party last night. She just wanted to tease-up her blond hair and wear a black dress. But I would not allow that. I mean, if you're gonna dress up, do it right!

• Wig 8 bucks
• Glasses 2 bucks
• The reaction of her kids when they saw her all dressed up— Priceless

Oh yeah, and here's her other half, Brad. I glued his screw nubby things to his neck the first time with Household Goop and he claimed his neck was burning. Wimp. So we took them off and he ended up Super-glueing them to his neck. Go figure. He'll be wearing those for the next few days, at least!

They make quite the creepy couple, don't you think?
Happy Halloween!

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