Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Paper Pumpkin

After you've curled up to enjoy a good book, might want to consider turning it into a pumpkin when you're done with it. This was so easy to make! I was just getting ready to call it a day and put my Mac to sleep when I came across the instructions to make this adorable paper pumpkin and I decided to stay up and make it. Here are the easy-peasy instructions The Craftberry Bush. My paper pumpkin features the pages from The Nanny Diaries.


  1. You may have just given me a way to get rid of some of the hundreds of books I have stashed around the house. So clever.

  2. Hi Melanie...just wanted to say thanks for linking back. I appreciate it! The pumpkin looks perfect ! I browsed through your blog and love, love your art work. I like how you incorporate different medias in your paintings. I'm your newest fan ! I hope you come back to the Craftberry bush to find some more inspiration !
    much love,
    hope you got some sleep!

  3. I have recently made one of these myself. I also added a link to your on my post. Yours is so pretty.



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