Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Neighborhood Boo— think outside the pumpkin!

These are a few Boo ideas I've made over the last couple of years. 
Details and contents are below as well as where you can get/make the goods.
My kids are really into Harry Potter and making potions, so I made this package full of creepy potion ingredients. I found some great labels online here and I changed them up a little adding my own potion names and descriptions. For some of the labels I used the name "C.W. Van Kowenhoven and Sons" as a homage to my husband's ancestors. That was their name back in the 1600's. It got shortened over the years to "Crownover". [Interesting tid-bit: Wolphert G. Van Kouwenhoven was one of the founders of New Amsterdam (New York)]. The Eyes of Newt box is a Martha Stewart craft. Love Potion #9 and Medusa's Sovereign Female Wisdom were my own creations. I could use some a dat Medusa stuff!
I made an economy size version of the Scare Package as well. 
For a FREE download of the Economy Size Boo Kit test tube potion labels and "Scare Package" tag CLICK HERE!

I used Martha Stewart's "Witch's Broom Favors" idea and super-sized it to make this Witch's Broom Boo. It was super easy. I used paper bags and a stick from the yard. I downloaded the Broom Parking sign here from The Diary of Dave's Wife blog. Thanks Dave's Wife!
  And finally, the Eyeballs Boo is just a plastic paint can (from the craft store), a light-up skull, eyeball bouncy balls (from Target) and eyeball chocolate candies. These are pictures from the 3rd Grade classroom door. The kids loved it!
Would love to hear some of your Boo ideas!


  1. Hey Melanie....could you send me a jar of do-overs!??....haha....Brilliant ! you're so clever....Happy and Safe Halloween!

  2. Can I just say - you take Halloween to a level I've never seen. How I wish I was your neighbor.

  3. Melanie, The sign & your broom turned out Fabulous! I am so glad you shared the link with me! ♥ DavesWife



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