Saturday, October 23, 2010

The House of Spirits

I love decorating for Halloween! The kids get so excited when I pull the bins out of the attic. Decided to take it easy on the outside this year and instead go all out on the inside. I made some new things this year, namely the "Come in and Sit a Spell" signs for the front steps. And of course, I incorporated our Adams Family-esque portraits as well.

The kids were so excited when they came home from school and saw the decked out house. Jackson ran up to his room and came down with this skeleton eraser he had gotten from the Kindergarten Treasure Box at school. He taped it on the wall himself and then proudly showed me his Halloween decorating contribution. 


  1. You've been busy......It looks AMAZINGLY awesome ! I adore your family portrait ! tres bien ! :o)

  2. Your house looks amazing! So spooky and yet totally stylish too!

  3. How cool is that?! I'll bet the kids were excited. Your decorations are amazing and I'm so glad that you joined the party. You are all linked up by the way.


  4. stopped by from cottage and vine. your decorations are fabulous! ill be filing this away until next year to use for inspiration. i have enjoyed reading about your latest project, and would love your thoughts on mine.

  5. Absolutely loving Everything Melanie! I'm not worthy! ;) -Naomi



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