Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree Painting— Day 17

"Christmas Tree" Painting by Jackson Crownover

I was out in my studio on Sunday night painting after dinner when Jackson came in and announced that he wanted to paint a picture with me. I was thrilled! My sons never want to do anything crafty with or without me! So I seized the opportunity and quickly got him all set up at the table with paints, brushes and the works. I turned on some cartoons and he happily painted the Christmas tree I sketched for him. When I could see he was starting to lose interest, I pulled out some candy canes to give him a little surge of energy and then helped him finish up the project. He was very proud when he finished and said, "Mommy, I fink you should put dis on your bwog."... so I did.

I made the fuzzy yarn retro light wreath on Sunday too. Wrapped some floral wire around the wreath and added the felt light cutouts. Another easy project to do with kids (if they're interested in crafty stuff— which mine are not.)

Be merry!

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