Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simple Holiday Decor— Day 5

I'm keeping the decorations simple for the holidays this year. I got this handmade Merry Christmas garland last January on sale at Anthropologie. I just love it and couldn't wait to hang it eleven months later. The red lacquer wreath is from the Magnolia Company. My old high school friend, Matt Roth, runs the Magnolia Company and his red lacquer wreath was hung in the White House in 2009! Thanks Matt— your wreath made it to MY mantel this year!

My favorite little birds were on a shelf in another room. I made little polka-dot scarves for them and set up a wintery scene with twigs and branches and light-up trees. The stars on the stairwell were hung outside last year. I like them better inside!
Hope you have as much fun decorating as I have! 

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