Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An heirloom to treasure.

This past November, my kids' school held their annual Fall Festival and Silent Auction. I donated my services as a Silent Auction Item— offering a "ewe"nique opportunity for someone to buy a mixed media reproduction of their own home. 

David White and his wife Kelly bid on my item and won! I gave them the painting all wrapped up on Christmas Eve. Here is their home.

The White's House
11"x14" Mixed-Media Acrylic on Stretch Canvas 

The thoughtful details:

• Pages from an old book wrap the walls of the home;
• balsa wood columns add dimension to the front porch;
• a painted burlap matt is a welcoming added detail, while the fabric window simplifies the look;
• felted wool, yarn, pom-poms and buttons depict the lush landscape;
• the exaggerated roof was created using molding paste, acrylics and a pallet knife;
• masking tape and acrylics create a subdued sky.
• and finally, paper pulp was used to create a 3D tree that embraces the home; 

    The meaning behind the expressionist style:
    I drew a distorted home with exaggerated lines and angles, and added colorful accents to simplify the look and make it fun. At first glance, it's a simple home, but as you look more closely the thoughtful details are revealed. To me it almost looks like someone has given the home a big hug with a tight squeeze (just like my kids give to me). I'm sure the White's house has a lot of love in it. That's what makes a house a "Home".

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