Thursday, December 2, 2010

Count-Down Calendars—Day 22

A Christmas Countdown Calendar made using toilet paper rolls. Yes, really! I've been collecting TP rolls for a long time because I know Jackson's kindergarten teacher will be asking for them at some point for a school craft, but mostly because I've always felt like there was something really creative I could do with them. Such lovely little cardboard cylinders. I hate to even recycle them. And I finally found it! I got this great idea for a Christmas count-down calendar from the very talented Maya over at Maya Made. Genius, I tell you! And it was so fun to make. Thanks Maya for the inspiration!

Here are a couple of shots of my work in progress. Plus, I'm giving away the countdown numbers below as well! If you're a fellow TP hoarder, hop on over to the Maya Made bog for complete instructions on the Countdown Calendar how to.
Count-Down Calendar numbers just for you!

And now for the Christmas Countdown Calendar the kids love...

The Lego City Advent Calendar is a HUGE hit at our house this year! The boys can't wait to wake up and find out what Lego prize they get to put together each day. It's a hot commodity this year!  I called every Toys R Us and Target in Orlando looking for it and finally found it for $34.99 at Target. There are several different versions to choose from online. We just love it!

Be jolly!


  1. Amazing! The things you can do with a bit of creativity

  2. I will be looking differently at empty toilet paper rolls for now on. lol We have the play mobil Advent. Love the lego one though!...Naomi again



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