Saturday, December 25, 2010

What Christmas means to me.

Well, on the surface,
it's hustling and bustling from morning to night.
It's shopping and spending
'til our credit card balances reach new highs.

I've had fun holiday crafting and painting
and wrapping presents galore.
I've gone overboard baking
and eating Christmas cookies until I think I'll burst,
and then... maybe just one more:)

It's our little elf on a Shelf who's been visiting us each day.
And my son Jackson who, on Christmas Eve,
cried when he found out (our elf) "Pluto" had to go away.
Back up to the North Pole we told Jackson
as his eyes welled up with tears.
He said sadly, "I will miss him
and I don't want to wait to see him another year."

It's the Christmas Eve worship service
that moved my heart to sing.
Oh thank God for giving us Jesus our King!

Beyond all the tree trimming and presents and decorations
Christmas is really about love and joy and celebration.

Carolers came to our door tonight bringing good cheer.
We all gathered around to listen
and I thanked God right then for such a precious moment
to remember why we're all here.

Yes, Christmas is about being with family and friends
and giving and receiving thoughtful cards and gifts.
I can't wait til next year so we can do it all again!

But truly the greatest gift we've been given is life.
And the way we choose to live it is our gift to Him.

Merry Christmas.

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