Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Cards — a look back.

Thought I'd share how my Christmas cards have evolved over the years 
as well as my inspirations that helped create them.
2010 Inspiration: Paper and Cake
Copy: I had "Wizard of Oz" in my head
Printed using:
2009 Inspiration:
Copy: inspired by the rare picture captured of my sons hugging each other.
Challenge: I couldn't find the bubble font used on the Minted cards so I created it myself. Tedious.
(The bubble font is actually called "Budmo" free on
Printed using:
2008 Inspiration: the Photobooth outside of Monkey Joe's on International Drive.
Printed using: my inkjet printer
Assembly required: trimmed each card and glued ribbon

2007 Inspiration: All the fun pictures of the kids. I couldn't pick just one!
Printed using: Walgreens Photo

 2006 Inspiration: Again, all the funny pictures of the kids.
Copy: Jackson wasn't talking at all yet, but I just knew this is what he was thinking.
Printed using: Walgreens
Assembly required: glued the letter to the back of each card.

2005 Inspiration: My need to keep up with the Joneses and do an expensive card.
Purchased from: Exposures with pre-printed greeting on the inside.
Lesson Learned: Too expensive. Decided I could have done it better myself.

2004 Inspiration: I was scrapbooking at the time, hence the paint, stamps and embellishments.

2003 is a blur

2002 Inspiration: The year I discovered Paper Source.
This was my first talking baby. I was going for a Forrest Gump feel.


  1. Hi Melanie... What a sweet treat to have found your comment on my blog!!! It's funny, rarely get to hear from the people who have seen my work in Dr. Chaudry's office - so thanks for letting me know that you spotted me! I feel bad, I really need to bring more work in there... I've been promising for sooo long!

    So - okay - WOW I LoVe your work too! You sweet houses are adorable!!! I would love to see more! And your cards from above are the BEST I have seen - I need to get on your Christmas Card list! :)

    Would love to meet you - you should pop into Artistree Co-op in College Park sometime... I work there on Sundays 12 - 4. I guarantee you will fall in love with the place if you haven't been there before... And you should look into having your work in there!

    Thanks again for popping on to my blog! And for the great reminder that I need to do some more work for The Dentist! :)
    xoxox - Happy New Year! - Kim

  2. Kim— What a small world! I know Elana at Cottage Industries! Her daughter Sophie is in my son's class at school. Too funny. Yes, I love that place. I definitely need to get my act together and apply to rent some space (however small) and start selling. I'm sure you do quite well there! Would love to get your take on it some time. I'll drop in to see you soon!

  3. Hi Melanie,
    Happy New Year!!!!
    Oh Elena is a sweetheart - I love her beautiful jewelry designs!
    Yes please do come into the store sometime! Your work would do great there!! I work Sundays 12 - 4. Hope to see you soon! :) xo - Kim

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